In my experience as a Reflexologist I have to say Reflexology is one of the most amazing treatments you can receive. So many Benefits.

I’ve worked with people who with post natal depression, anxiety,  intellectual disabilities, Diabetes, M.S, Epilepsy, Pregnancy reflexology,  ladies trying to get pregnant, baby reflexology. Relaxation etc.

I have to say the benefits people receive are amazing. Reflexology is for everyone from the cradle to the grave. I have yet to meet anyone who has not enjoyed there experience or who have not gained some benefits from Reflexology.

Everyone should experience Reflexology. Even those who cannot bear anyone to touch their feet. Because I for one had people come in with arms crossed and no way would they let anyone touch their feet. I would say give me 5mins and if you don’t like it we can end treatment. I never had to end treatment in fact they would come back again and again.

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