Reflexology During Pregnancy


Reflexology During Pregnancy

Reflexology plays a very important roll during pregnancy. It helps calm Mother and baby. Prepares Mother and baby for birth. Helps with Heartburn, low back pain, constipation, Morning sickness etc.

One lady came to me for Pregnancy Reflexology. She was sick 24/7, couldn’t keep anything down, in bed everyday, couldn’t go to work. This had happened with her last pregnancy and she couldn’t face having to go through the same again.

I gave her a treatment every week. The first week she got 2hrs relief after the 2nd week the sickness gradually decreased. By the 9th week she was back at work and not a boder on her. It was great to see a totally different woman coming in the door. Her eyes were bright, spring in her step, really enjoying her pregnancy. Her previous pregnancy she was sick right up to full term. So this time totally different because of Pregnancy Reflexology.

Ladies who have Pregnancy Reflexology have calmer babies. Calmer babies happy Mum equals happy household.

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