Importance of Sports Massage

Importance of Sports Massage

Sports massage is for everyone. Whether you walk, run, swim, cycle. Keeping your body in good shape will help you reach your optimum level. The way to do this is through regular massage during training.

It will keep your muscles and joints flexible, supple and help improve performance.This way you can have a more enjoyable experience while training and ready for that all important event.

Why is it Important?

It will help prevent injury, helps in  recovery from injury. Assist in warm-up before  event and cool-down after and event.

Improves circulation, boosts immune system, relax the mind thus reducing anxiety. When the body is relaxed it can breathe easily and deeper as the muscles involved are less tense therefore work better.

How does it help?

Regular Massage helps improve suppleness, flexibility of muscles and joints. improve lymph and blood circulation.

  • increases fitness and performance
  • assists healing of damaged or overworked muscles reduces recovery time
  • calms the nervous system and increases circulation to boost energy and alertness.
  • massage helps identify and release tension before it becomes a problem

pre-event massage

Pre-event massage is used before an event to stimulate the body especially group of muscles used in the  sporting event of the day.

To stimulate circulation and cells of the body so you have enough oxygen, nutrients which help you reach your peak performance.

Removal of latic-acid to help prevent build up.

Treatment is short, brisk, rapid.

Remember pre-event massage is only  part of the warm up.

Also pre-event massage is only used on athletes who have been using massage during training or rehabilitation. Reason being it may no help Athletes performance if not used to having massage.

Post -event massage

This is used after sporting event. Should be performed asap most important in the first 2hrs.

This is to help in recovery by clearing out any waste build up in muscles (latic acid build up needs to be pushed into lympy/circulation to remove) as this is what happens during sporting event. This treatment is slow and short. It helps athlete to cool down at the same time help prevent build up, stiffness. it is far better for an athlete than just resting after the event. Athlete will recover faster and look forward to getting back into training for his or her next event.

In my experience athlete’s who recieve sports massage feel much better, recover much faster and most of all get so much more out of their sport.

Next time will explain how muscles work.





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