Get the best results from Pregnancy Reflexology

How to get the best results from Pregnancy Reflexology

As a Reflexologist I’ve noticed over the years most pregnant ladies come for reflexology around 24wks and the reason is other ladies recommend Pregnancy Reflexology because of the many benefits: Helps prevent problems from starting, helps with heartburn,constipaton,low back pain, reduces swelling in feet and ankles, creates as sense of well-being for the foetus. I could go on forever.

Reflexology is great whether you come for one treatment or more. Pregnant ladies  not sure  when they can start coming or how many treatments they need to get the best results from Pregnancy Reflexology.

I decided it was time to put the information out there so every Pregnant lady knows when they can come and how to get best results.
Ideally you can begin after first trimester. Then have a treatment every three or four weeks for the next 12 weeks. For the following 12 weeks every 2 weeks. For the last four weeks every week.

For best results needs to be minimum of 10 weeks before due date. Later is helplful but this is shown to have a better impact.

 I feel this information is important so you and your baby get the best results.

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