Benefits of Massage

Benefits of Massage

Regular Massage has enormous benefits. It’s important to have regular massage for  well-being.

Firstly Relaxation : 30 mins massage equates to 3 or 4 hrs sleep.

Increases energy level: People continually lose energy through stress, worry etc.

Relief of Pain: Research into pain control has revealed that rubbing is one of the body’s natural pain blocking processes. It prevents pain information from reaching the brain.

Speeds Healing: Masage can speed up the healing of injuries by clearing waste and bringing fresh blood into an area. In fact it can speed up the healing of nearly any illness, just as stress has been shown to slow down the healing process.

 Just to name a few more benefits: Helps lift depression, break down adhesions, Increase athletic performance, Aids digestion and ellimination, helps reduce high blood pressure, improves posture, Very important: Improves the body’s immune system.

I think all of the above should encourage anyone to include massage as part of life.

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