1st Bump and Beyond Baby Expo

The first Bump and Beyond baby exp was in  Breffy house Castlebar on Sep 4th 2011. Great for the west. Exciting time for Cloghans Therapy Centre to let the locals know about us. To talk to Mums to be face to face about the benefits of Pregnancy and Labour Reflexology: How it can help with heartburn, constipation, morning sickness, nauaea, back ache, not sleeping well and much more. 

Regular Reflexology treatments help Mum and Baby relax. when babies are born they are very calm, suckle better and less prone to colic.

When baby is born we can teach mums baby reflex techniques in a very relaxed enviorment either on a one to one basis or in a class enviorment amd meet other mums and exchange experiences of motherhood while having fun. Baby reflex helps comfort baby, helps improve sleep, constipatation and much more.

At the bump and beyond expo the athmosphere was wonderful. The amount of business in Mayo coming together under one roof.

The mums got in free. Got a goodie bag. Weather was bad but it didn’t stop Mums and Dads coming out for this great day. This was the first year and I’m sure next year will be so much bigger. 


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