What is Reflexology and how does it work?

Reflexology is a form of natural, holistic therapy based on the discovery that there are points on the feet and hands which correspond to organs, systems and structures within the entire body.

How long is a session and how often should I receive Reflexology?

A session lasts one hour. The treatments are specifically tailored to each client after a personal consultation. Follow up treatments will be discussed after the first treatment.

What Reflexology is NOT?

  • Reflexology is not medicine
  • It does not diagnose
  • It is not a foot massage
  • No instruments or gadgets are used

When can I start having Pregnancy and Labour Reflexology and how will it help?

Some clients prefer to wait until after their twelfth week of pregnancy. It has many benefits.

What happens at a Baby Reflex session and should I bring baby?

During a private session you need to bring a partner to practice and learn techniques. Baby Reflex can only be performed for five minutes at a time on your baby and no more than three times per day. At the end of a session, you will practice techniques on your baby for five minutes so your reflexologist knows you will be comfortable using these techniques at home.
During group sessions, mum or dad will practice the Baby Reflex techniques on other members of the group. They will experience the enjoyment of receiving Baby Reflex and understand and feel what their baby will receive.

Can I have private Baby Reflex session or is it just classes?

We provide both private sessions and classes. Please contact us to book your appointment.

What should I expect during the first massage visit?

On your first visit the massage therapist spends some time taking your personal and medical history. Your doctor’s details are also required as in some cases a referral might be needed. Together you decide on a treatment plan that best suits you. Massage therapists use a light oil to reduce friction on the skin, and while using towels keep you warm the therapist works on the various parts. All treatments are confidential between you and your therapist.

What should I wear?

We advise you to wear comfortable clothing.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you require an appointment outside of our opening hours we will try to adjust to meet your needs where possible.

Where do you work from?

We are situated in Castle, Cloghans, Ballina, Co. Mayo, only a 15 minute drive from Ballina, Co. Mayo.

Do healthcare providers cover my treatment?

Some healthcare providers cover reflexology and therapeutic massage treatments. Contact your provider to see if you are covered under your healthcare plan.

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